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Amend Law and UCLA Voting Rights Project file lawsuit to defend Latino voters in WA

In 2017, I began investigating a subtle voter suppression issue after Latino voters reached out to El Centro de la Raza. Guadalupe Gamboa and I documented the egregious voter suppression: local county officials throwing out Latino ballots based on a perceived "signature mismatch." After contacting the Secretary of State, the state oversaw the county's certification process. Many of the signatures that were once "mismatched" were found to match with SOS oversight.

It was apparent the 2017 Wapato City's mayor's race was not an anomaly but systemic discrimination pervasive in other counties within the agricultural heart of the state. I continued to investigate and analyze data and brought it to the attention of the UCLA Voting Rights Project in 2021. On May 7, 2021 we filed a federal Voting Rights Act/14th and 15th Amendment claim against Chelan County, Yakima County and Benton County.

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